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  • Which subjects do you tutor?  I am currently completing my teacher certification covering Spanish, Math and History. That's where I have the most experience. I also feel comfortable helping in Language Arts, ESL, Nutrition and Government. 

  • Why do you offer Spanish in a group setting?   One mistake I see in language learning is students' lack of day-to-day practice in traditional classes. I believe learning with a friend, family member or classmate gives my students a chance to carry over their practice into their social circles once our lessons are over.

  • How do your rates/discounts work?   I am ideally going to balance a full load of school, tutoring and teaching, and as such my rates reflect a preference (and discount) for consistency and group work.

  • Is this your only job?  As of Fall 2021 I am starting a masters program and looking for full time Spanish teacher employment in addition to my tutoring work.

  • How do you pronounce DJVN Tutoring?  Just like my last name DeJovine (Dee-Jo-Vin)

  • How long have you been a tutor?  Since January 2016. 

  • Do you have a cancellation policy? 1/3 of lesson cost for a same-day cancellation, no fee if session is rescheduled and completed within the same week. 


  • How do we pay you for our lessons?

Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin and Cash App are all forms of payment I've used in the past. You could also pay directly through this site if you wish.