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DJVN Tutoring


Spanish, Writing, Math & More from a Montessori Teacher

Individual & Group Lessons Available


  • Lessons by teacher/curriculum coordinator employed at Montessori-style private school

  • Specific & structured approach to language learning based off long-term memory retention studies and learning the most

  • Successful attempt to pass the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program to teach Spanish

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Writing & Language Arts

  • Brainstorming, execution and editing of essays, book reports and literary analysis available

  • SAT/ACT Reading tutoring offered by recipient of 770/800 possible points

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  • Math experience ranging from Kindergarten to Algebra 2

  • Whiteboard-based approach to guarantee the visual understanding necessary to level up in math

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History & Political Science

  • Background of B.A. in Political Science offers students a university level perspective

  • Essay prep, editing and test preparation all offered

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  • Tutoring on nutrition subjects such as the Keto Diet, Veganism, Sustainable Food and Diabetic Do's and Don'ts 

  • While this information is intended to help you discover new potential lifestyle choices, always consult with your doctor 

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